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Data Browser#

The Data Browser provides all your Snowflake Schemas and datasets.

You can fade in or fade out the Data Browser by clicking "<<".

The Data Browser provides the following information:

  • an 'Upload File' button to upload data from your device
  • all of your Snowflake Warehouses, ordered alphabetically
  • all of your Snowflake Schemas and datasets
  • a filter option to browse more specifically through your data

The order within the Data Browser is the following:

  • Snowflake Warehouses are sorted alphabetically
  • Snowflake Schemas are sorted alphabetically
  • tables are sorted alphabetically
  • columns are sorted in the order defined in Snowflake's Schema

You can filter the entries by the following criteria:

  • "All Datasets": all available datasets are displayed
  • "Added Datasets": shows added and in-use datasets for the actual Project

Data Grid#

The Data Preview are allows you to preview the selected dataset as well as provides the option to download the datasets as CSV.

To explore the columns of a dataset, click on "COLUMNS". This view presents the column names (table schema), their data type as well as metadata (optinal).

To view a data preview of the actual data and get insights, click on "DATA PREVIEW".


The Inspector contains all information about the actual dataset/ table/ warehouse/ Project that is selected.

Dataset Inspector#

The Dataset Inspector provides all information about the selected dataset. To get insights, click on the dataset and view the following information:

Info Tab

  • Source: displays a link to the schema and its details, lists in which Projects the dataset is used in
  • Description: displays the dataset description
  • Owner: names the Datameer owner of the dataset
  • Tags: displays tags, if already set
  • Date and time information: displays the initial creation date and time, displays the last modified date and time

Transform Tab

  • Recipe: option to add a transformation/ operation to the recipe
  • Operations list: lists the already applied operations according to the execution time, provides the option to delete an already added operation