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What is a reference?

Everything in a Workspace is either a reference to datasets and documents elsewhere in Neebo or a dataset you have created in that Workspace's Workbench.

References provide data to your datasets and help you pull together documents you may need for a project but references cannot be edited in a Workspace. Datasets can be edited and transformed.

Reference vs Dataset#


References that have been added to your Workspace are essentially links to those assets elsewhere in Neebo. You can reference datasets and documents in your Workspaces. Data from referenced datasets can be used when creating new datasets in this Workspace. The referenced datasets will have this icon in the Flow area:

Flow icon for references

References can be added or removed but cannot be changed through your Workspace. Any changes to a referenced asset should be made from that asset's detail page or, for datasets created in another Neebo Workspace, from that Workspace. Changes to an asset will be visible in every Workspace where that asset is referenced.


Datasets in your Workspace are new assets that you have created in that Workspace's Workbench. Because you have created the dataset inside this Workspace it can be completely edited by you and your collaborators.

Using the Workbench you can add or edit operations on any dataset created in this Workspace, change its name, or configure caching. All collaborators in this Workspace can also go to the dataset's detail page and edit the description and tags. Datasets created in this Workspace will have this icon in the Flow area:

Flow icon for datasets

Once you create a dataset it can also be added as a reference to other Workspaces in Neebo.