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Uploading Data

Files can be uploaded easily into Datameer to then be provided as Datameer datasets. They can be viewed and interacted with inside a Project's Workbench.


Any files you upload will live in your company's Datameer environment and all the other Datameer users in your organization will be able to read and use them in their own work. Please consider the confidentiality of files before uploading them to Datameer.

File Types#

Currently only files in CSV format can be uploaded.

General Considerations#

  • Name - Cannot contain the backtick (`) character or begin with either a space or an underline (_) character.
  • Data size - Dataset files with more than 512 columns will not upload to Datameer. Datasets containing more than 3 million rows will upload but are not processed by Datameer and will display with an error next to their names.

Uploading CSV Data#

To upload a CSV file:

  1. In the Data Browser, click on "Upload CSV". The 'Upload CSV' dialog opens.

  2. Drag and drop your file or click on "Add File" and select the CSV file.

  3. If needed, rename the file. Then select the new destination from the dropdown and confirm with "Upload". The CSV is now uploaded and displayed in the Data Browser as well as in the Flow Area.