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Quick start

Work with your own data#

If you only have 1 minute and want to dive right in, you can begin working with your own data in Spotlight by following these steps:

  1. Click 'Add new' button
  2. Select "Workspace". This will be your primary project space so give it a name that relates to your current analytics project. When you click 'OK' button your new Workspace will open.
  3. Click 'Add' button in the Workspace.
  4. Select "Dataset" so you can begin adding data to Spotlight.
  5. In the "Add Dataset" dialog, select whatever option matches the kind of data system or file you are using and follow the dialog prompts. This will add a new dataset to Spotlight and add a read-only reference to your Workspace.
  6. Double-click on the new icon that has appeared in your Workspace's Flow area. This will open the Workbench.
  7. In the Workbench, click the green 'New dataset' button button next to the data you added. This will create an editable dataset that includes all the data from the reference you added.
  8. Click the 'Add operation' button button to add operations that let you combine, filter, and otherwise transform this dataset.
  9. Once your dataset fits your needs, right-click on it and select "Open in...", then select your preferred analytic tool.
  10. Enjoy analyzing your new dataset!

Learn by example#

If you want to explore something already built, the Marketing Campaign at the bottom of the Spotlight home page is a working example of how to combine multiple sources of data into a new dataset and customize that dataset with operations. When you click on it in the Discover section of the home page, Spotlight builds an example Workspace just for you. Feel free to poke around to see how everything connects together.