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Documents are non-data assets created from a file. PDF, DOC, and RTF files are handled as documents and Neebo will treat a file format it does not recognize as a document. A document can be attached to a Dataspace and downloaded from there. 

Like all assets, documents have an owner, a description, and can be followed or un-followed in order to be notified as they are updated.


  • Add the document to any of your Dataspaces Workspaces using the  button.
  • Download the document using the  button
  • Delete the document using the  button (Document owner only)
  • Open any Dataspace that contains the document by clicking in the list in the Dataspace section
  • Enter a description by clicking on the "Please provide some information" text. (Document owner only)
  • Enter tags for the document by clicking the button. Note that once the first tag is entered the button will not be displayed. Simply click next to the existing tags to enter additional tags. (Document owner only)