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The Dataspace Workspace is Neebo's central project area - it collects and presents all the information about a given set of related data. Data must be opened in a Dataspace Workspace in order to be viewed and customized. Once data and other asset types have been added to a DataspaceWorkspace, they can be manipulated in the Workbench.

Create a new



From the home page, click on the button and select DATASPACEWorkspace. In the Create New Dataspace Workspace dialog that opens, enter a name and select OK. Neebo opens to the Details page of the new DataspaceWorkspace.

When you open a new or empty dataspaceWorkspace, a plus sign button in the empty Flow area will prompt you to "Add Data". Clicking on this opens the Add Asset-deprecated page where you can find an existing asset or add a new one. 

Open an existing



The home page provides several ways to open an existing DataspaceWorkspace. You can use the Recently Used section, either all or filtered to show just DataspacesWorkspaces, to choose from Dataspaces Workspaces you have used. Click on a Dataspace Workspace name, which links to the details page of that DataspaceWorkspace. Similarly, you can open the Activities panel to choose a Dataspace Workspace that anyone, including yourself, has created or used.

You can also find all Dataspaces Workspaces in Neebo, using the "DataspacesWorkspaces" link on the home page navigation panel to view results, in descending order with the most recently created at the top. Click on a Dataspace Workspace name to open its Details page.

Opening the Workbench

Use the  button from the details page to open the Workbench editor, where you can view data table contents and apply analytical operations. If no datasets have been added to the DataspaceWorkspace, "Open Workbench" first launches the Add Asset dialog before opening the Workbench. You can also use the breadcrumb path in the header bar  to navigate from the Workbench page to the details page.

Adding assets to a



You can add assets to a Dataspace Workspace from inside the Dataspace Workspace or from the Neebo home page. The simplest method is the "Add" button on the Dataspace Workspace details page. You can use a dataset link in the Activities panel to open a dataset's Detail page. Alternately, you can use the context menu on one of the home page search result cards to either add the asset to an existing DataspaceWorkspace, or to create a new Dataspace Workspace to which the asset will be added. If the dataset you choose to add to a Datspace is also being added to Neebo, you will be required to authenticate against the referenced external data source.

Note that when a dataset used in one Dataspace Workspace is added to another, it is added as a new copy and does not have upstream dependencies. 


Workspace details page

The details page shows the Neebo users who can collaborate on a DataspaceWorkspace, Dataspaces tags applied to the project, any comments entered, grouped lists of the assets attached to the project, and in the Flow area, the relationships between those data assets. It’s where you place and track all assets related to a project.

It's also the communication hub for a project. The description field allows up to 400 characters so comprehensive information can be provided to collaborators to help understand the work that has been performed and how they might be able to use it. The more a Dataspace Workspace is documented, the more useful it becomes for collaboration.

Flow area

The data Flow area provides a graphical view of the datasets in a DataspaceWorkspace, with directional arrows showing how they are related. When an asset is selected, its icon is highlighted (green) and secondary highlights (grey) indicate those datasets that are connected upstream.


You can select any asset in the Flow area and use its context menu to navigate to the details of the selected dataset.


The People card shows the Neebo users who collaborate on this DataspaceWorkspace. Click the  button to open a list of Neebo users from which you can search and select people to add as collaborators.


Type directly into this card to enter optional attributes that can be used to quickly identify, search or sort DataspacesWorkspaces. A tag can be up to 80 alphanumeric or special characters, spaces are not allowed. 

Data & Documents

Lists the data assets and documents that have been added to the DataspaceWorkspace. The  button opens the dialog where you can search for or add data assets.


Lists the apps that have been added to the DataspaceWorkspace. Click the  button to add new apps.


Use the button on the Comments card to enter free form notes to yourself or others. Comments are an important tool for describing and sharing work that has already been accomplished, so it can be reused or further refined. You can create a thread by replying to a comment.

Deleting a



Only the owner has the permission to delete a DataspaceWorkspace. You will not be able to delete a Dataspace Workspace if it contains any datasets that are referenced by a downstream dataset in another DataspaceWorkspace. When you delete a DataspaceWorkspace, the datasets it contains that are not data sources will be deleted. For contained assets that are references, the reference is removed but the asset is not deleted. To delete an entire DataspaceWorkspace, click the right-most  button and choose Delete. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.