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Comment: Updated for DOCU-2414, 0.26.0.


Once an app is in Neebo, you can use using the context menu from either an App search result or the Apps section of a Dataspace to open an embedded view ("Show Preview") or launch the apps' URL in a new browser window ("Open URL"). The search result context menu also provides the option to add the app directly to a Dataspace.




Add a new app to Neebo using the "Add new" Image Added button on the home page . Add or add a new app directly to a Dataspace using the plus sign Image Removed Image Added in the Apps section of the Dataspace.  

Add an existing app to a Dataspace using the find tool, the Recently Used cards, or the Activity panel.

Deleting apps

Remove an app from a Dataspace by clicking on its context menu in the Apps section and choosing the "Remove" option. An app cannot currently be deleted from the Neebo tool.