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Metadata Management

Neebo Administrators can access the metadata management page where they can view custom metadata attributes available for assets in their Neebo instance and add new ones.

Open the metadata management page by navigating to "<yourorganization>" or by clicking on your user icon in the top right of any page in Neebo and selecting the "Admin Panel" option. Contact Neebo support if you are taking over as Neebo Admin and and do not see the "Admin Panel" option under your name or if you receive an error when opening the admin page.

The list of customizable metadata attributes for all Workspaces, Datasets, and Documents in your Neebo instance. Click any of the columns in the attribute list to sort by that column. Click the same column again to reverse the sort order.

Add attribute#

Add a user to Neebo by clicking the 'Add new attribute' button button. The dialog that opens will ask for the asset type that an attribute should apply to, a name for the attribute, the field type for the attribute, and any values that are needed for the single-select dropdown field type. All these fields are required.

  • Asset type
    • an attribute can only apply to a single asset type
  • Attribute name
    • cannot be the same as any other attribute that applies to the selected asset type
  • Field Type
    • Short text: 100 character limit on user-supplied value
    • Single select (Dropdown): use the Values box on the right of the dialog to enter the options your users will be able to select for this attribute. Press enter or the "+" button after each value to add it to the list of values.

Once you enter all the information and click 'Add' button, the new attribute will be created in Neebo. Assets matching this attribute's configured type will now have this attribute available on their detail pages.