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Initial Setup

Hello! And welcome to Datameer.

This page provides you all required information for frictionless initial configuration of your Datameer instance.

You will be guided through:

  • Setting up your Datameer account
  • Validating your email and receiving your credentials
  • Connecting to your Snowflake account

Setting Up Your Datameer Account#

As soon as you received your trial URL, you can sign up. The registration form is asking you for entering your "First Name" and "Last Name" as well as your "Email" address. Please read and accept the "Terms and Conditions". Resolve the captcha and confirm with "Sign Up". Your trial instance will be prepared - this may take a few moments. You will receive an email containing your instance URL as well as your username.

Changing the Password#

When the trial instance is prepared, you will now be prompted to change the password. Do so and choose your new password, enter the new password below to confirm and then finish by clicking "Submit".

Note that the password must contain at least 8 characters, an upper and lower case character, a number and a special character.

Connecting to Your Snowflake Account#

The final preparation step will be to connect your Snowflake account. For that, enter your "Snowflake Account URL", then insert your "Snowflake User Name" and your Snowflake "Password".

Note that all requirements for configuring the Snowflake service account must be fulfilled. Find all information on the requirements here. If you face issues connecting to your corporate Snowflake, e.g. if you miss any required permissions, a good option to try Datameer is also to connect to a free Snowflake Trial.

Confirm this step by clicking on "Connect".

Finally, select your Snowflake warehouse from the dropdown (We recommend not to use a 'X-Small' warehouse because it can slow down the performance of your Datameer.) and confirm with "Connect". Your Datameer instance is loaded and all available Snowflake schemas & datasets are introspected.

Note that if your Snowflake account has only limited access, the IP addresses on the left side need to be registered in your Snowflake account.

What's Next?#

Once you have finished all the tasks from here, you can now go on and start your first project and transform your data. To learn more, explore our Sample Use Case.