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When you follow an asset, you receive notifications in your Activities panel of any changes to that asset. Any type of Spotlight asset (Workspaces, dataset, documents, or connections) can be followed or un-followed by any user. When you own or collaborate on an asset, you follow it by default.

The follow button is a toggle that is darker Follow button - followed state to show you are following an asset or lighter Follow button - un-followed state for assets you are not following. The number next to a follow icon indicates how many users follow that asset.

Note that the follow status does not automatically transfer to other objects related to or within an asset. For example, if a dataset is created in a Workspace you follow, you will not automatically follow that new dataset. Similarly, if you comment on an asset you do not follow, you will not see replies to your comment.

Follow or un-follow an asset#

The follow button appears on search result cards and on the details page of the related asset. Simply click on the Follow button - un-followed state button to follow an asset. If you are already following an asset, click on the Follow button - followed state button to un-follow it.

When you follow an asset, you will get a confirmation in your Activities panel and notifications about any changes will begin immediately.