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Find assets

Every Neebo page has a find tool with a green magnifying glass 'Find' icon to help you find Neebo assets.

The find tool will help you discover assets from all across Neebo, filter through lists of assets, and select specific datasets for adding to a Workspace. Grey text in the entry field describes what the find tool will help you locate from any particular page or dialog.

The find tool searches title, description, tags, owner, followers, contributors, column names, column descriptions, and the first 10,000 characters of a document's contents.

If you enter multiple terms in the find tool, Neebo will show you assets that match any of your terms.

Search results#

As you type your search criteria, Neebo will open a clickable list of results grouped by asset type. To keep this process fast, the list will only open after you have entered 3 characters or more. To see more results, press enter.

Neebo displays results for up to 100 assets matching the criteria you entered, with the best matches at the top. If you did not enter any criteria, the most recently edited assets will appear at the top.

Each result is displayed in a card that includes basic information about where it came from, who added it to Neebo, when, and other pertinent details. If your search term matches part of an asset's description, column name, or column description, the asset will have an expanded search result card to help display those matching sections in context.

Click on any asset's name to find more information about it or click the 'Context menu' button context menu button to the right of the name for a list of other things you can do with the asset.

To find something more specific, you can enter additional criteria or use one or more of the filters on the right side of the screen. Each filter displays a number next to it showing how many results match that criteria. Simply check filters to refine your search or un-check them to bring in a larger number of results.

Find your work#

The first set of filters enable you to quickly find assets based on your own relationship, whether owner, follower, or collaborator. Note that only Workspaces can have collaborators.

Find by asset type#

Find assets of one or more types. Note that you can quickly launch a search for assets of a single type by clicking the asset type in the home page's shortcut panel (see below).

Find by source#

Datasets can be filtered by where they come from. The "Neebo" source can help you quickly identify datasets created in a Neebo Workspace.