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When you follow an asset, you receive notification of any activities occurring on that asset. The follow feature lets a Neebo user track events related to an assets they do not own or collaborate on. Following an asset is useful, for example, when you are waiting for a certain update, or are trying to determine the applicability of an asset to your own work. Any type of Neebo asset - Workspaces, dataset, document, etc. - can be followed. When you follow an asset, you will get a confirmation in your Activities panel that you are now following that asset, and notifications concerning a followed asset begin immediately. 

When you own or collaborate on an asset, you follow it by default. However, the collaborate and follow properties are separate and distinct. The follow setting applies only to notifications. You can turn notifications on or off (follow/un-follow) regardless of your collaboration status. Conversely, even if you are the owner or collaborator of an asset, you can un-follow it.

Note that the follow status does not automatically transfer to other objects related to or within an asset. For example, if a dataset is added to a Workspace you follow, you will not automatically follow that newly added dataset, you must do so explicitly.

Note also that as a collaborator you can comment on an asset you do not follow, but you will not see any replies to those comments. 

The follow button is a toggle that is darker when enabled  or lighter in the un-followed state. The numeral to the right of the indicator indicates how many users currently follow a given asset. 

Follow an asset

The follow button appears on search result cards and on the details page of the related asset. Simply click on this button to follow or un-follow an asset.

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