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Collaboration is at the very core of Neebo.

Data fragmentation, unknown data provenance, and the inability to discover, leverage, and re-use processed data are universal in analytics.  New projects start from scratch and rely on the same few specialists in order to progress. Multiple internal groups have overlapping analytic needs or business objectives but lack awareness or access to each other's work.

For these reasons, the collaboration feature allows a Workspaces owner to grant full access to other Neebo users. To the extent of their permissions on the source data, a collaborator can view, modify, add, and delete any asset in a Dataspace on which they collaborate. A collaborator will see all Dataspace activities, including assets that are added, removed or renamed, operations that are applied or modified, and other users who are added or removed as collaborators. The one right not granted to a collaborator is the ability to delete a Dataspace - only an owner has that capability.

Non-collaborator privileges

Regardless of collaboration status, any Neebo user can elect to follow an asset. By default, collaboration also toggles the follow function on, but collaboration and following are independent settings. You can disable the follow function for assets on which you are a collaborator.

In addition, all Neebo users can discover all assets in Neebo. Even if you do not collaborate on or follow an asset, you will always be able to see metadata information on search results cards and on the details page for that asset, and you will be able to view and add comments.

In the details page of a Dataspace, a non-collaborator can view the Flow area, referenced assets and referenced asset metadata, but cannot add or delete assets and cannot access the Workbench. 

Adding a Collaborator

The People card on a Dataspace details page shows icons with the initials of the owner, and the users who are collaborators. The first icon is always the owner. You can hover over a user icon to reveal the full name. Click on the  button to add collaborators. In the dialog that opens, mouse over a person's name so it is highlighted and click the "+" button. The selection process may be repeated. When you have chosen the people you want to add as collaborators, click "Apply" to complete the operation. You will see the new icons on the People card, and both you as owner and the new collaborators will be notified in your respective Activities panels. The same mutual notification is provided when a user is removed from collaboration. As described above, users automatically follow a space on which they collaborate.


Neebo defers to the access controls established on the source data systems.  This means if User A adds User B as a collaborator, User B still needs to authenticate with all the appropriate source systems to use individual assets, they will not be able to adopt User A's credentials. 

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