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In Neebo, asset is a general term covering Workspaces, datasets, documents, apps, and other resources you might use for making analytic decisions.

Workspaces are the asset that collects other assets to form a project, where more complex interactions are possible and team collaboration is enabled. Assets other than a Workspace (datasets, documents, apps) can be added to one or more Workspaces. 

Shared features

All Neebo assets share the following attributes.

  • Name 

An asset name can be up to 100 characters long. Names cannot start with a space or underscore (_),  and cannot contain the backtick character (`). Note that an asset name does not need to be unique. 

  • Description 

Entries in this field are optional but highly recommended. The description field can contain up to 400 characters, with the exception of the Apps description field, which can be up to 140 characters long.

  • Owner

The owner is the person who added an asset to Neebo. The owner has the ability to change basic information about the asset like its name and description. The owner cannot be changed. 

  • Follow

Follow an asset (indicated by the  button) to have any changes to it included in to your Activities panel.

Unique features

Each different asset type has unique features to help you pull together information, transform it, document your work, and share it with others. Learn about each type's unique capabilities on its dedicated page:

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