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Business Glossary

The business glossary defines terms used across your organization so that they can be used unambiguously when describing work in Spotlight. Only administrators can create or edit terms (see Administration: Glossary Terms).

Each term has a name, description, and category. Categories are listed alphabetically on the page and terms are listed alphabetically inside their category.

Filter terms#

Use the Filter glossary terms tool tool to find specific terms. The filter tool shows all terms whose name or description contain the text you enter (not case sensitive). All other terms are hidden. Delete the text in this box to show all terms again.

Entering terms#

Terms can be added to asset descriptions (dataset, documents, Workspace, and connections) and the descriptions for individual data columns inside a dataset (see Datasets: Annotate columns).


To use a business glossary term, click on one of your descriptions to begin editing it, type a # character, and begin typing the name of the glossary term you wish to use directly after the # (eg #Dataset or #ExternalTool).

Terms matching your text will appear in a list below where you are typing. Finish typing the term you want to use or click on one of the auto-complete options to have it entered for you.

Once you save your description, any business glossary terms will be highlighted blue and can now be clicked to see the relevant definition. If you entered text that does not match any terms in the business glossary, it will remain as plain text.

Terms need a space or other punctuation mark between the term and any additional text in your description. So the #Dataset term will be recognized in the #Dataset and the #Dataset. but not in #Datasets or the#Dataset.

Note: only the asset's owner can normally edit a description. Workspace collaborators can also edit descriptions for the Workspace and any datasets created in the Workspace. Administrators can edit descriptions on any asset.

Viewing terms#

Business glossary terms in an asset or column description all begin with a # character and are displayed as blue cilck-able elements in the description. Click on any of these terms in the description to open a tooltip with the term's definition, business glossary category information, and link to the relevant sections of the main business glossary page.