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Browse Spotlight

In addition to searching for something specific with the find tool, there are multiple ways to browse for assets in Spotlight, including seeing assets based on their type, based on whether you have worked with them before, or whether they are part of a particular connection to an external data system.

Assets by type#

You can locate an existing asset from the Spotlight home page by browsing through the filtered list of datasets, documents, or other types of assets using the global search sidebar, available from the Main Spotlight menu next to the Spotlight icon on the top-left of every screen. This is equivalent to checking the corresponding asset filter on the search result page.

Click on any of these to list each asset of that type in Spotlight along with basic information about the origin of the asset, who added it to Spotlight, when, and other pertinent details. Click on any asset's name to open its detail page.

Recently Used assets#

Your three most recently used assets are shown in the Recently Used section of the home screen, along with clickable headings for each of the different asset types. Click any of them to show your three most recently used assets of that type.

Datasets by connection#

You can view the datasets contained in a particular connection by opening that connection's detail page. Use the Connections entry in the shortcut panel mentioned above or the Connection search facet discussed in find assets to quickly find the connection you wish to browse.

Activities panel#

A historical list of every action you have made in Spotlight, the actions your collaborators have performed in shared Workspaces, and information about data systems you may have connected to Spotlight is available through the Activities panel in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Open or close the Activities panel with the 'Activities' button and 'Close activities' button buttons in the page header. The panel is always open on the home page. The 'Activities' button button will have a red badge if an activity has been posted since you last looked in Activities.

Each Activities message provides quick links to the details page of the related asset(s) and any other related actions you might want to perform.

Activity quick actions
  • Names of all assets can be clicked to take you to that asset's detail page
  • Comments can be replied to directly in the Activities panel.
  • Newly added datasets have a context menu 'Context menu' button with options to add the dataset to a Workspace or to open a 10 row preview of the dataset's contents. (Click "View in Fullscreen" in the preview to view the full 1000 row sample available in Spotlight).
  • Newly added documents have a context menu 'Context menu' button with options to download it, visit the document's detail page, or add a reference to that document to a Workspace.
  • Newly added tags on any asset can be clicked to trigger a search with the tag as the search term.