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Add assets

You can add assets to Spotlight using the 'Add new' button button on the home page. In Spotlight, asset is a general term covering Workspaces, datasets, documents, connections and other resources you might use to make analytic decisions. (For help with how to add references to assets into a Workspace, see Workspaces: References.)

Before adding a new asset to Spotlight, we highly recommend using the 'Find' icon find tool to see if it has already been added to Spotlight.

The sections below outline each of the 'Add new' button dialog options.



The "Workspace" option opens a dialog where you can enter the new Workspace's name.

Area Function
Name The name can be anything you want up to 100 characters as long as it does not start with a space or underscore (_), and does not contain the backtick character (`).
OK/Cancel Click 'OK' button to create your new Workspace or 'Cancel' button to close the dialog without creating one. When you click 'OK' button, Spotlight opens the details page for the new Workspace so you can start working with it immediately.


The "Data" option opens a dialog where you can choose to connect a data source system or upload files from your computer.

Choose the icon matching where your data currently lives.

For all data source systems, a new dialog will appear where you can supply information on how to connect to the data system. After that connection succeeds, you will be able to select the individual data table or data file you need from the connected system and finish adding it to Spotlight. Additional details on each supported system type are available on the Connect page.

For file uploads you will be able to open the standard file chooser on your computer or drag files directly into the Spotlight window. For details on supported file types, sizes, and other details, see the section below on adding documents.



The "Document" option opens a dialog where you can upload files directly from your computer. This is the same dialog that opens when you select "Upload file" from the add new dataset dialog (above).

Drag and drop any files you wish to upload or use the add buttons to browse for files and folders on your computer. When a folder is uploaded, each file will be turned into a separate document or dataset depending on its file type. A progress bar will indicate the upload status.

Files in CSV, XLS/XLSX/XLSB, JSON, and Parquet formats become datasets in Spotlight and can be viewed and interacted with inside a Workspace's Workbench. All other formats (including PDF, DOC, and image files) are handled as documents.

See uploading files for full details on handling of different file types, uplolad limitations, and other features of uploading files.

Any files you upload will live in your company's Spotlight environment and all the other Spotlight users in your organization will be able to read and use them in their own work. Please consider the confidentiality of files before uploading them to Spotlight.