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Welcome to Spotlight

What is Spotlight?#

Spotlight is a virtual analytics hub designed to support and simplify daily analytic activities so you can provide business insights quickly. Spotlight helps you:

  • discover and build on the work of your colleagues
  • pull together data from all your disparate data sources
  • collaboratively build new datasets to answer analytic questions
  • instantly publish results to your business intelligence tool of choice

The rest of the user guide will help you learn how to do all of this with Spotlight.

Using this guide#

This guide explains the Spotlight interface, key concepts, and workflows. Each page has some common elements to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

  • Top - Search box to quickly find anything in the documentation.
  • Left - A menu of the different sections in this guide.
  • Right - A table of contents with quick access to every topic on your current page.
  • Bottom - Navigation links to the next/previous page in a section, like the Quick Start page that comes next in this "Get Started" section.

Getting help from inside Spotlight#

Help is available from every page in Spotlight through the bright purple 'Help' button button. Clicking it brings up a menu of options to help you get answers fast. Your options are:

'User Guide' User Guide - brings you to this guide.

'Help Center' button Help Center - Links to FAQs, Support, Community, and back here.

'Contact Us' button Contact Us - send an email directly to Spotlight Customer Support.

Release Notes#

Use our Release Notes page to find out what has changed in the most recent version of Spotlight as well as see the lists of known and recently closed issues.