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Welcome to Datameer

What is Datameer?#

Datameer is a multi-persona SaaS solution for data transformation in Snowflake.

Datameer helps you to:

  • easily and user friendly access the data from your Snowflake instance
  • execute various transformations on your data, e.g. blend, filter, extract
  • collaboratively build new datasets to answer analytic questions
  • instantly publish results to your Snowflake instance

This user guide will help you to learn how to do all of this with Datameer.

How to Start#

If you did not have any experience in using Datameer, you are very welcome to perform the Beginner's Tour.

Getting Help From Inside Datameer#

Help is available from every page in Datameer through the bright purple button on the left side. Clicking it brings up a menu of options to help you get answers fast.

Your options are:

User Guide: brings you to this guide

Help Center: links to FAQs, Support, Community, and back here

Contact Us: send an email directly to Datameer Customer Support

Furthermore you receive in-product help when hovering UI elements like icons, e.g. 'Hide unconnected Nodes'.

Receive more help for transformation operations, e.g. when needing help for filtering data.