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Welcome to the Datameer User Guide!#

What is Datameer?#

Datameer is a multi-persona SaaS solution for data transformation in Snowflake.

Datameer helps you to:

  • easily and user friendly access the data from your Snowflake instance
  • execute various transformations on your data, e.g. blend, filter, extract
  • collaboratively build new datasets to answer analytic questions
  • instantly publish results to your Snowflake instance

This user guide will help you to learn how to do all of this with Datameer.

How to Start#

If you do not have any experience in using Datameer, you should get familiar with some getting started pages.

After configuring the Initial Setup, you are very welcome to perform the Sample Use Case.

Getting Help From Inside Datameer#

Help is available from every page in Datameer through the bright purple button on the left side. Clicking it brings up a menu of options to help you get answers fast.

Your options are:

User Guide: brings you to this guide

Help Center: links to FAQs, Support, Community, and back here

Contact Us: send an email directly to Datameer Customer Support

Furthermore you receive in-product help when hovering UI elements like icons, e.g. 'Hide unconnected Nodes'.

Receive more help for transformation operations, e.g. when needing help for filtering data.

Datameer Trial Information#

You can evaluate a Datameer trial for 14 days free of charge here. After that time, the trial is being shut down. To proceed using Datameer, just click on the link and contact us.